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Channels and sales
It takes a lot of work to get through the channel. D&H has accumulated many years of channels in different fields and has the ability to open new channels and capabilities. We can save on the cost and energy of the channel. In the final analysis, sales are at the heart of any business, and we focus on sales and have years of sales data to support our capabilities.
Communication and negotiation
Cross-border communication has time and language barriers. In addition to the technical background, our team is also a must. We will promptly communicate the needs and consultations for both parties to help achieve a win-win consensus.
Process management
Chinese procedures are very foreign to foreign companies and complex in many ways. From the withdrawal of the goods to the final customer, D&H will provide the full range of procedures and ensure smooth and smooth processes. Whether it is formalities, logistics, or storage, we provide you with the most suitable solution.
Easy and convenient access to the Chinese market
Although the Chinese market can have its unique features and challenges, many foreign companies have entered the market blindly without understanding the Chinese market. D&H has many years of trade experience and national resources, and can meet your market expansion needs. We are the bridge between you and China, allowing you to enter the Chinese market more easily and with less risk.