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Shanghai D&H Co.Ltd was established in 1994, which was the period of China opening to the outside world. It was great time for the people to start the business or create enterprise. At that time, what China most needed was the advanced technology and high tech products. The market called for the cooperation with foreign companies. It gave us great chance and motivation to introduce high tech products into the market.
The president of D&H, Mr.Du, who was an engineer and involved in engine design for many years. Since he met life long friend Mr.P.HERITIER, he created D&H, sponsored by Mr.P.HERITIER, who was the owner of MTS, France, a world famous cams&camshafts manufacturer for large bore diesel engines.
Therefore, D&H started with the cams&camshafts business development in China. Gradually D&H gained many customers and marketing experience. With the help of Mr.P.HERITIER, D&H developed many  cooperations with European companies, such as, PCI, former PSA group, equipment and solution provider for production lines; SERMATI, special equipments for Aviation; MAHLE, Germany, a world famous auto parts and large bore engine piston maker; Alfing, Germany famous crankshaft maker for  large bore engines, etc. D&H also sought possible cooperation in US and Canada for oil&gas industry. With our great endeavor, we have established lot of business relation with oil&gas companies, including SINOPEC, CNPC and CNOOC, etc. With our good marketing strategy and tactics, through our great team effort, we have helped our partners achieve great success in this marketplace.  We are proud of our capability and excellent results.
We are open to the whole world and welcome those companies that are serious, sincere, with good technology and excellent products, and want to develop business here, please contact us, consult from us and discuss the possible win-win cooperation.
D&H is a best partner for you!